Entering and Exiting Ocean Ranch

Ocean Ranch is a Private Limited Access Community

Guests, Vendors, and Service Personnel are admitted by resident authorization only. The Guards are unable to grant access without the specific authorization of an Ocean Ranch resident. If visiting Ocean Ranch, or if doing work at an Ocean Ranch residence, please contact the owner in advance of your visit to avoid delays or the possibility of being denied access. Make sure that you know the name of the owner and the address of the residence that you are visiting before approaching the gate.


There are two entrances/exits to the Ocean Ranch Community. The Upper Gate is located on Bear Brand off of Golden Lantern. The Lower Gate is located on Bear Brand off of Camino Del Avion.

Trucks, Attention!!!

Trucks must use the lower gate for ENTRY and EXIT.



Ocean Ranch is a private limited-access community. Delivery Services must be on the admit list for the day of the visit. Guards are not authorized to admit delivery vehicles without resident authorization. All arrangements by Delivery Services should be made in advance by contacting the resident prior to approaching the gate.

Video Cameras

Vehicles and occupants may be videotaped as they enter and exit the community and in other common area locations. License numbers are recorded and on entry and exit. Visitors are admitted to one resident only and may not solicit, deliver flyers, or in any way disturb any other residence.

Traffic Rules

Speed limits must be observed at all times. The speed limit is 25 mph for all streets in Ocean Ranch, with the exception of the block bordering the Park and Pool entrance on Dorchester Green, where the speed limit is 15 mph. Traffic calming measures are in force. Slow down for speed bumps.


Please park directly in front of the residence being visited. Do not park on sidewalks. If visiting the Park and Pool area, please park in the parking lot or on the street surrounding the Park. Please do not park in front of residences. Drive cautiously, observe STOP signs and watch for kids and pets. On-street parking overnight is not allowed. For special circumstances, contact property management or Ocean Ranch Patrol.

Please follow the Rules...


Thank You!

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