Chris Cram Picture

Hi I'm Chris Cram,

I guess you could say that my music career started when I was a baby with my Father teaching my brother and me how to sing and play guitar and piano.

My first band was in junior high with my cousin. We were a Credence Clearwater mania band among other contemporaries of the time. Our gigs were focused around school activities and school dances. The very first paying gig that we played was at a Rexall Drug Store paid $25, but that had to be split between four of us.

In high school I played guitar for the Mozart Choir. I learned a lot of chord theory and classical music. The subject matter really hit home with me and it resulted in the easiest “A” earned in high school.

After completing four years of Court Reporting School, I made a major decision, to pursue a professional music career. While in Court Reporting School, I was offered a professional gig which changed my direction in life. From then on, music became my only profession.

Once I made the decision that music would be my career and only career, I expanded my opportunities by giving guitar, piano and voice lessons. I quickly found that teaching young and old students was a rewarding experience and I enjoy the fact that a number of my students have gone on to play professionally. I am especially proud of the fact that one of my students, Phil Allen, won an Emmy in 2012.

After many years of playing and recording with various bands, my primary focus is playing as a solo musician. To spice things up I play bass on organ pedals with my feet and control electronic drums while singing and playing acoustic and electric guitars. There are a number of musicians who use backing tracks, which take the spontaneity out of the performance; however, by using my hands and feet I have overcome the feel of a canned performance and have the ability to respond to the audience and the situation. This makes it possible to do what I enjoy best, and that is to take requests on the spot. It is for that reason that I have been dubbed by several writers “The Human Jukebox.”

I also have spent years singing and playing acoustic guitar and still enjoy doing so in the appropriate venue. — “It is all about what the audience wants, young or old!”