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Text Box: Ray Weston 
Ray played drums with Wishbone Ash for many years and decided to drop anchor in Southern Orange County where he enjoys teaching drum to up and coming rock stars.  Additionally, Ray keeps plenty busy playing with local bands and enjoying staying close to his OC home.

The Tijuana Dogs put on a great show playing both classic and modern rock.  Try to catch them at The Swallows Inn when they play on Sunday afternoon.

Catch Shawn at Mozambique when he is not touring with Deanne Carter or on his own.   Also check out his newest CD, which was recorded from his live performances at Mozambique.

Text Box: Drew Higday 
The lead guitar behind The West Coast Strayz and popular solo vocalist/guitarist.

Flock of 80’s

Alex Mackey

Is the front

Man for this

80’s cover

band.   He is

wild—you never know what’s next.


Jakespear’s Favorite Links

The following links will take you to sites of performers, bands, and businesses that I have had personal experience with.  Check them out.


Justin Sandercoe

Juston is a London based guitar player who has become famous for his YouTube guitar lessons.  The best free stuff you can find on the internet!.

Wild West Guitars





These guys handle some very high end guitars.  Check them out.