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Lessons With Ftiz / aka Ed Fitzgerald


Ed Fitzgerald is the resident Guitar Guru at JakeSpear Music.  He has be playing since the early 60’s.  After a stint in Viet Nam, Ed grew his beard and took his band on the road.  He refined his guitar skills by pounding out songs on a nightly basis gigging in countless clubs.  With a strong grounding in Rock, Ed’s history as a musicians includes his high school days in Bakersfield where he developed an appreciation for country music as well as quite a few

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Eddie Van Halen, takes a break with his trademark MusicMan firmly attached.

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The Basics—Building a Song with Chords Coming Soon!

Bonus Lesson

Lesson # 2

Lesson # 3

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Lesson # 4

The Basics—Minor Pentatonic Coming Soon!

Lesson # 5

The Basics—Blues Scale Coming Soon!

Lesson # 1

years in LA , where he studied classical guitar.  In addition to his musical skills, Ed is an outstanding teacher.  Several of his former students are now working pros and touring musicians.