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This is a custom stage system built for Chris Cram.  Chris performs solo, with his brother Brian as The Crambros, and as a member of the Oxymormons.  This unit was specifically designed for his solo performances, where he controls the bass and rhythm with his feet, using a Roland piano pedal set and various foot switches.  The pedals and switches are connected to a sequencer.  Additionally, he controls effects and mixing functions with (a free hand) while playing the guitar.  All of this requires unique positioning so he can make changes on the fly without loosing a beat.  Chris has been referred to as a Human Juke Box, and as that tag may imply, there are a lot of “on the fly” adjustments during his solo shows.  

Custom Stage System

In addition to the performance requirements that are unique to Chris’ solo performances, set-up and break-down were considerations in designing this unit.  Setting up for a gig is hardly anyone’s favorite chore, but at the end of the evening, especially if one has had a few refreshments, packing-up needs to be quick and painless.  This system contains a GFI plug and enough protected 110v plugs for all of the equipment.  Mic and other cables exit through the side.  Wires are arranged in a snake configuration and all of this rolls up and stores inside of the unit.  All pedals, sequencers and mixers are attached to the unit, so when the power is turned off, they are ready to go.  All of this rolls out and slides into a van with little effort. 

This is the finished product on the Job at Hennessey's Patio in Dana Point, CA.

A few minor changes from the original plan include slightly different graphics and the addition of a microphone pole and wiring.

JakeSpear Music JakeSpear & Co

JakeSpear & Co.

Custom Pedal Board top view

You may be able to tell from these photos that this board is built like a tank.  It is built with a high grade of 3/8” plywood and braced at appropriate joints.  This helps keep the weight down, while providing the strength necessary for a touring musician, and his crew.  Check out the custom name plate, the carrying handle and the metal corner protectors. 

Kenny Williams Signature Series Pedal Board
Custom Pedalboard

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Bulletproof Traveling Pedalboard

This pedalboard was built for a player who wanted a small compact board with a minimum of wires.  This board has two wires going out—one to the amp and the other to the 110v socket.  You can see the two out wires at the top of the picture. 


This is a pretty straight forward board.  All pedals use 9v and the polarity is consistent.  The vintage tube screamer did require an adaptor.  All power wiring is hidden below the slightly elevated 2nd level.  This board is driven by one power supply. 


Custom Pedal Board

Oh, one other note.  The pedals are arranged according to the player’s playing preference, not relative to the signal path.  The correct signal path was achieved by crossing wires beneath the deck level and all tucked in out of harm’s way. 

This is a custom pedalboard built for a well known guitarist.  He has a number of vintage pedals, as can be seen in the photos.  The Crybaby is an original as is the Octavia.  The pedals have varying power requirements ranging from 14v - 9v DC and .one that requires 110v.  The wiring was the challenge for this project.  We wanted a clean deck as free of wiring and wall warts as possible.  This was accomplished by tucking all of the electrical transformers and plugs under the 2nd level deck.  The only wires on the surface are the line level connecters for adjacent pedals. 

Custom graphics add the final touch. 

The raised deck allow this to be visible from the audience.

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Link to pictures of pedal board construction JakeSpear Music System Custom - Cram 1
Small Compact Pedalboard

This is the beginning of a larger pedalboard that incorporates a case into the design.  In this picture you are looking at it from the audience view and this is the bottom half.  It has been grain-filled and partially primed. 

Cover is being constructed and fitted to the base….

Here is a view with the platform in place.  Note, this board is being build for a left-handed player—volume and wah pedals will be on the left.

Cover is designed to lift up and off when board is in use.  Interior will be  painted black

Here’s the finished product ready for the road.

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