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There are several companies marketing replacement Necks for the Fender Strat and Telecaster.   Some are good and some are not good at all.  In some cases the necks are unfinished.  In addition to finishing, these necks  will require cleaning any varnish or lacquer off of the frets, fret leveling and polishing.   A lot of work, best left to a professional.


For a Plug ‘n Play solution,

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Coming Soon….


There are several companies marketing replacement bodies for the Fender Strat and Telecaster.   For the most part these products require drilling and fitting parts that could either damage the finish or totally mess up the guitar.  Positioning a bridge or trem is not easy and is best left to the professionals.


Wouldn’t it be great to have a selection of bodies that have been pre-drilled for all hardware?  How about a light resonant body that weighs in at or under 4 lbs?


Sure, all of this sounds great, but the real challenge is to get these bodies at Fair Price.  Most of the genuine Fender bodies sold on e-bay go for ridiculous prices.  I see them for $699, $799, absolutely ridiculous!  If you know how to wheel and deal you can probably buy a complete American Fender Strat for that much.  


Well … Check back soon...