First Pictures with Nikon D500

Avi, Kyla and Cory helped me make King Cakes on Mardi Gras Day. We cheated a just a little bit. We used cinnamon roll dough from the grocery and arranged the rolls next to one another in a race track configuration. We only had one baby to hide and we made 4 cakes. Avi hid the baby under one of the rolls and she was the only one who knew where it was. After baking the cakes, they all looked pretty similar and Avi could not tell which cake had the baby. The cakes went to different places so finding the baby was a surprise to everyone!

The pictures below were taken at Salt Creek Beach. The three driftwood pictures were taken at different exposure levels. While the background and the shaded surface of the driftwood required different exposure levels, it is interesting to see how much detail could be pulled out of the pictures. The first picture was exposed for the shadow. The second picture was exposed for the background. The RAW file was lightened in Light Room to bring out the detail in the shadow. The third image was a compromise exposure somewhere between the background and the shadow area.

Grass Beach
Depth of Filed
Palm Trees